[linux-audio-user] MAudio Audiophile USB strikes back

From: Pierre-Antoine Champin <lau-050706@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jul 07 2005 - 11:23:18 EEST


I just bought an Audiophile USB, and have some problems making it work.
In the archive of this list (thank you guys !), I found out that
plughw:3 works better than hw:3 with jack, alsaplayer and so on, which
will not even start else.

I managed to hear some sound with aplay and alsaplayer, and to record
some sound with an awful saturation from plughw:3,1 (I don't understand
precisely why I have to specify the subdevice on input more than on
output, but I can live with that).

I then tried to fix the saturation problem with alsamixer, and here come
the problems. 'alsamixer -c 3' outputs 'No mixer elems found'. Is this a
limitation of the device, the alsa driver or my hacking skills ?
Is there a means of having alsamixer work, or any other software mixer ?
Or do I have to control manually the input level ?

My second problem is with jack. Basically, once configured to use
plughw:3 for output and plughw:3,1 for input, I got it running but with
a continuous fluttering buzz. As soon as I sent some sound in the input,
I got a bunch of xruns and jack stoped.

I saw on the archives that someone fixed some xrun problems by setting a
periods/buffer of 4. I didn't try that yet, but do you think that could
kill the buzz as well ?

More generally, does anyone have an experience of running an Audiophile
USB completely with linux? I bought it in the faith of the alsa website,
claiming support for this device, but searching the net gives me the
impression that some problems remain...


  Pierre-Antoine Champin

PS: for the record, I use a Debian/testing with kernel 2.6.1, alsa
drivers from the kernel, libasound2 1.0.9, jack 0.99.0 .
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