Re: [linux-audio-user] Call for collaboration

From: Christian Schumann <>
Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 14:57:51 EEST

On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 10:57:32AM +0100, wrote:
> I erally like what you have already. I know you said your timing was
> imperfect, but that's just a bonus for me - if I want human-like
> timing, I have to work at it to stop it being perfectly timed. A
> little bit of organic sound goes a long way!
Hm, spending more time making music by hand rather than by computer, I
usually try to play as precise as possible. That's something that won't
work after a hard day. So the main problem is that I am not completely
happy with what I've played. If that's fine for you, so be it.

> > > Do you have the guitar parts recorded separately? I'll put them in
> > > with the rest of the stuff, get the levels right and shufty things
> > > around so that they get the space they need in places.
> > It's all done in ardour. 6 tracks of guitars (3 guitars, each stereo). I
> > can put up the tarred session for you, but this would have to wait to my
> > lunch break.
> No rush - I'm off to work now myself, and probably won't have much
> time until the weekend now. I have to prepare for a job interview on
> Friday and a conference next week. In fact, two conferences, but I
> have someone else to do the presenting for me on the second. If I get
> everything done by the weekend, I can then spend some more time on
> this track.
ok, the session is at

Everybody else: Please do NOT download this session if you do not plan
to participate. It's roughly 500 MB, and I will be in trouble if too
many people downlad it.


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