[linux-audio-user] best sound of out midi using demudi?

From: Allan Graves <allan.graves@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 21:41:50 EEST

Hi guys. I'm not a demudi wizard, so I thought I'd post this question
for help. My dad recently sent me a midi file that sounds awful on
his machine, and requested that I make it sound better. I've only got
the standard onboard audio, so I'm assuming 8mb max of samples, or fm
synthesis. This midi file is mainly organ, so I'm thinking that
zynsynth might do it, but I thought I'd post for discussion this
"What's the best way using a stock demudi and no external synthesizer,
to take a GM file and get the best possible sound out of my computer?
I know that initially, it won't matter if my playback device can't do
anything, but assuming there's a playback device included with demudi
that has good samples or synthesis, perhaps using some of the other
control codes that GM doesn't let me use may help?
Anyway, thanks for your thoughts.

Allan Graves
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