[linux-audio-user] Call for collaborators

From: John Mulholland <johnmulholland@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jul 14 2005 - 15:44:32 EEST


I have been contacted by the editor of a (print) music tech magazine. He
is interested in running a feature about musical collaboration on (and
via) the internet. As this is not something I am directly involved with
I am hoping to point him toward someone who is. Considering the nature
of the posts on this list in the last few days, where better to ask?! Is
anybody interested? If so, mail me off the list, with your experience
and particular interest.

I'll just take this oppurtunity to thank all again for their interest
and help with opensourcemusic.info. Since the first few posts on this
list about, the site has seen over a thousand new visitors! That is just
awesome. My sincerest apologies to any who I have not replied to yet. I
am working a lot at the moment, so I am getting very little time to go
online, or enjoy this wonderful sunshine.

Great news about the magazine interest though eh? Perhaps we could
provide an online list showcase?


Arnold Krille wrote:

>On 7/14/05, R Parker <rtp405@email-addr-hidden> wrote:
>>I think all the problems are prevented by never
>>creating a new shapshot. The solution is to use Ardour
>/me is reading about playlists before the next usage of ardour...
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