Re: [linux-audio-user] where to begin or where's the beginning begin?

From: Rob Fell <robin.fell2@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jul 19 2005 - 10:38:58 EEST

Richard Hubbell wrote:
> Very new to sound input and linux. I've listened to music on linux
> but recording and manipulating sound is all new to me. I'm just
> going to put into words what I'd like to do and take it from there. I
> have an electric guitar and I'd like to record riffs and then apply
> software filters (right word? maybe software effects?) to the riffs
> to give them a different sound. I'd like to be able to edit them,
> save them and record them to disc (cd/dvd). I'd also like to be able
> to record singing and sound effects. I have read the archives a bit
> and I saw a July thread about hardware but the original poster had his
> thread hijacked and it went a little astray.
> I know there are a few hardware vendors who's products work well on
> linux. But I'm trying to get some solid advice from folks who are
> using hardware to do what I want to do.
> Do I need one box or several? I don't want to spend a lot to start
> but would like to have something that's made reasonably well. If I
> have to put together my setup over time then that's what I'll do so I
> don't have to layout a big chunk of money at the start. So maybe
> first I'll get the guitar connected and then later get the mic and get
> it connected. Then next get recording device(s). And so on, to
> build a complete system over time but still get quality components as
> I go so that in the end I have an all-around quality system.
> My concerns are compatibility with linux and the software that runs on
> linux. Compatibility amongst the different components and
> compatibility with the popular storage mediums. i.e. cd/dvd
> Over time I would be willing to spend $1000-2000 for something that
> will last and do a good job for me. But I don't want to spend it all
> now.

You can start with very little indeed. I started with a SB128, a mic,
and a cheapo Behringer mixer with mic pres - total outlay 150.

How big is your starting budget? Do you forsee a need for more than
2/4/8 input channels?

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