[linux-audio-user] where to begin or where's the beginning begin?

From: Richard Hubbell <richard.hubbell@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jul 19 2005 - 07:52:16 EEST

Very new to sound input and linux. I've listened to music on linux
but recording and manipulating sound is all new to me. I'm just
going to put into words what I'd like to do and take it from there. I
have an electric guitar and I'd like to record riffs and then apply
software filters (right word? maybe software effects?) to the riffs
to give them a different sound. I'd like to be able to edit them,
save them and record them to disc (cd/dvd). I'd also like to be able
to record singing and sound effects. I have read the archives a bit
and I saw a July thread about hardware but the original poster had his
thread hijacked and it went a little astray.

I know there are a few hardware vendors who's products work well on
linux. But I'm trying to get some solid advice from folks who are
using hardware to do what I want to do.

Do I need one box or several? I don't want to spend a lot to start
but would like to have something that's made reasonably well. If I
have to put together my setup over time then that's what I'll do so I
don't have to layout a big chunk of money at the start. So maybe
first I'll get the guitar connected and then later get the mic and get
it connected. Then next get recording device(s). And so on, to
build a complete system over time but still get quality components as
I go so that in the end I have an all-around quality system.

My concerns are compatibility with linux and the software that runs on
linux. Compatibility amongst the different components and
compatibility with the popular storage mediums. i.e. cd/dvd

Over time I would be willing to spend $1000-2000 for something that
will last and do a good job for me. But I don't want to spend it all

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