Re: [linux-audio-user] [LAM] My first song

From: Sebastian Gutsfeld <segoh@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 18:17:36 EEST

David Collins <davidcollins78@email-addr-hidden> writes:

> Yeah, I'd like to hear more of your stuff as well
> (produced with Linux or not) - I thought this one was
> exquisite.
> --- aljordan@email-addr-hidden wrote:
>> Hi Sebastian,
>> This is a really nice song. Please let me know when
>> you've written more.
>> Alan

Wow, thanks for the flowers!

If I get some more songs finished I will post them on LAU, but this can
take a long time because I'm extremly busy lately. My last tune was
intended as present for someone who donated me a midi keyboard :)

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