[linux-audio-user] jack xruns on SUSE 9.3 with Edirol UA25 card

From: Cesare Marilungo <cesare@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jul 28 2005 - 02:18:59 EEST

I'm going crazy!!!

Last night, after some months playing with Ubuntu, I installed SUSE 9.3
on my amd64 with an Edirol UA-25. I installed the kernel source, patched
it with rt-lsm.patch, built the modules, installed ect.

/sbin/modprobe -r capability
/sbin/modprobe realtime any=1 mlock=1

to /etc/init.d/boot.local

At this point i got a lot of xruns even with jackd -R -dalsa -p1024 -n4.
On Ubuntu I worked flawlessly with -p256 -3 (17ms).

I recompiled jack from source (configured with /dev/shm as temp dir) and
got the same results.

Then I tried to shutdown some more services that were still on (firewall
and so on).

I restarted jack (via qjackctl) and the xruns were gone. I've pushed
jack settings until I was able to play Zynaddsubfx on my midi keyboard
(Edirol PCR30 - on a different usb port), thru Muse with some plugins
applied to the input channel at:

-p128 -n3 (8,7ms), with no xruns and no audio glitches.

-p64 -n4 (5ms), still with no xruns but with some minimum gliches.

I was so happy that I thought about letting my box run forever, without
shutting it down anymore.

But then I decided to install the drivers for the nvidia card (the
newest from their site). I don't remember if I installed or updated some
rpms at the same time. Rebooted.

Since then I can't get rid of xruns and audio glitches even with a 1024

After some googlin I found some old posts on this list about conflicts
with the nvidia driver so I tried to restart without it. Nothing changed.

Please, help me. Because I will not go to sleep until I'll solve this.

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