[linux-audio-user] Mix Minus with AM-Pitchshift; a study in Linux Audio usability

From: R Parker <rtp405@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jul 28 2005 - 13:21:17 EEST


I've begun working alot more with LADSPA plugins and
have found it very easy to achieve satisfying results.

Despite the relative ease with which my partners Bill,
Dana and I were able to achieve our final product,
legaladvice.ogg, the real acid test is whether or not
anyone thinks the final product is effective. Give it
a listen and let me know what you think.

A JK Audio RemoteMix3, phone dialer with audio i/o, is
used to build a mix minus. I imagine you can google
for that.

We run a Neumann M 147 tube mic into an Avalon Vt
737sp which inserts into a channel on the Tascam
DM-24. We send that channel direct (it's not assigned
to the DM-24 stereo buss) to Ardour where Barry's
Satan Maximizer and the Steve Harris AM-Pitchshift are
inserted pre-fader. The effected return from Ardour
routes back to the RemoteMix3 via an Aux bus
(DAC/analog send) from a new DM-24 channel that is not
assigned to stereo buss.

That pitchshifted/maximized Aux send replaces my
telephone and is mixed into a conversation with
another caller in the RemoteMix3. The RemoteMix3
analog output routes to the DM-24 in a channel that is
assigned to the stereo bus where we finally get to
monitor it.

A wireless lav would have enabled us to wonder around
the studio while monitoring phone conversations on the
Alesis M1 Active monitors. Definitely a bonus for the
multitasking professional that doesn't want to be
restricted to a single task because of some stupid


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