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Date: Fri Jul 29 2005 - 00:03:17 EEST

On Thu, 28 Jul, 2005 at 09:36PM +0100, James Stone spake thus:
> Uh oh.. I think this could be quite embarrassing! A piece I recorded
> today, with me singing (slightly off-key at times, I notice now). The
> production is awful: the singing was recorded thru an ultra-cheap computer
> microphone, the organ improvisation is terrible (by me) etc. etc.
> Still, the software was very cool: Seq24 to sequence the piano
> (Trachtman's non-free ($5) Steinway soundfont),running in qsynth.. all
> recorded into Ardour. The hammond organ was from the FluidR3 soundfont,
> and played live (like you would never have guessed!).
> Also no mastering but I am not sure it is worth it when the quality
> is so bad to start with.
> Anyway, I would be interested to know what others think....

I like the lyrics a lot. Now, you could leave it like this and keep
the quite surreal looseness, or you could midify it and tighten it all
up a bit, add some drums, etc.

Worth playing with, but the sound is quite nice as it is. I wouldn't
recommend doing everything in the same way, but as one track in more
polished company, I think it would work really well.

Good work.

James (the other one)
> James

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