Re: [linux-audio-user] New Sound Subsystem Needed For Qt4/KDE4

From: Jack O'Quin <joq@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Jul 30 2005 - 01:43:51 EEST

Mark Constable <markc@email-addr-hidden> writes:

> This is an explanantion from kde-multimedia@email-addr-hidden as to just
> why it would seem to be a problem...
> The design is basically flawed for desktop audio since it
> delegates real-time low-latency work loads through unix
> pipes to the audio applications. You cannot expect all
> audio applications to run real-time and you can not expect
> users to apply custom patches that allow jack to hand out
> real-time privileges.

For the record: this problem is finally solved in recent 2.6.12 kernel
sources, which now allow realtime privilege assignment via rlimits.

Once mainstream distributions add the necessary PAM and shell patches
to go with that, *no* custom patches will be required for handing out
realtime privileges.

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