Re: [linux-audio-user] Audacity will not work if JACK is running.

From: Hector Centeno-Garcia <h.centeno@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Mar 03 2006 - 21:34:49 EET

Christoph Eckert wrote:

>>Audacity is not JACK-enabled: you need to stop JACK running to be
>>able to use Audacity. Audacity looks to access the soundcard but
>>can't because JACK is using it when it is running.
>AFIR there have been rumors that Audacity CVS has JACK support?
>Best regards
I got Audacity to use jack some days ago. You can use the stable release
and follow these instructions that I found (originally posted by Linton
Smith), just replace Audacity-1.2.3 for Audacity-1.2.4b (the latest stable):

/> To make it work:
/>/ 1. download the latest pa_snapshot_v19 from the PortAudio website.
/>/ 2. Unpack this into Audacity-1.2.3/lib-src/
/>/ 3. Delete the old portaudio-v19 directory
/>/ 3. Rename the portaudio directory portaudio-v19
/>/ 4. configure audacity to build with portaudio-v19
/>/ ./configure --enable-portaudio=v19
/>/ 5. build audacity
/>/ make
/>/ 6. optionally install audacity
/>/ 7. Start the jack daemon
/>/ jackd -d alsa
/>/ 8. Start your jack enabled sound sources
/>/ hydrogen
/>/ rosegarden
/>/ timidity -B2,8 -iA -Oj
/>/ 9. Start a jack patch app
/>/ jack-patch-bay
/>/ or
/>/ qjackctl
/>/ 10. Ensure all jack apps have created their jack client ports.
/>/ Timidity requires a midi input to be connected before it
/>/ creates it's jack output port!
/>/ 11. Once you have all of your Jack apps running with output ports, start
/>/ audacity (portaudio-v19 enabled) Note: if you start it from the command line
/>/ you will see error messages regarding access to the alsa devices
/>/ 12. Open the preferences Audio I/O dialog. You will now be able to select
/>/ the available jack clients as your recording source.
/>/ Note: if you start up more jack clients, they are not detected
/>/ by audacity.
/>/ You must exit audacity and restart it to detect the new jack clients. :(
/>/ Furthermore, Audacity does not open a jack input port until you hit record
/>/ or play. When it does it automatically connects them with the selected
/>/ input or output jack client. BUT it closes the ports when playback/record is
/>/ stopped.
/>/ MATT/VAUGHAN/DOMENIC: This is not how jack access should
/>/ work. ports should not go away unless the client(eg audacity)
/>/ is shutdown. The idea is to create them, connect them, then
/>/ use them. this is may or may not be a portaudio problem. I
/>/ have not looked into Audacity's use of PA and PA_JAck to
/>/ determine where the fault is but it is possible that it is
/>/ in EITHER audacity's use of PA or PA's use of Jack. We would
/>/ greatly appreciate it if you would take a look and see IF
/>/ your use of PA needs to be modified to ensure jack client
/>/ longevity. I will inform the PA crowd of this as well so that
/>/ they can check their side of things, if I get a chance.
/>/ MARCOS: Hope this helps.
/>/ Hasta luego
/>/ Linton/

It works for me.

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