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From: Eric Dantan Rzewnicki <rzewnickie@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Mar 05 2006 - 09:11:38 EET

On Fri, Mar 03, 2006 at 07:41:08AM -0800, Maluvia wrote:
> There doesn't seem to be a place for more casual, less technically-focused
> discussion - and doubtless that's precisely as intended.
> Perhaps I can create a forum at linuxaudyssey which can serve as an LAU
> refugee camp where discussions of a more general nature can take place
> (even discussions about the spiritual aspects of music :) ) - kind of like
> a pub you go to after work - "A place where OT is always On-Topic" :D

There is the linart list. I've thought throughout reading this thread
that much of the discussion might be appropriate there. It is currently
a very very quiet list. I don't even remember the address. But, I know a
bunch of the people on this list are subscribed there. If I remember
correctly, discussions about the creative (and perhaps spirtual) were
welcome there. It might just be possible to make that the warmer,
friendlier, less technically bombastic place you're seeking.

Anyone remember the address?

(note, I don't mean to say this thread doesn't belong on LAU. Personally
I think it's fine here. Just offerring an alternative, in case Maluvia
and others feel a need.)

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