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From: Carotinho <carotinobg@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Mar 09 2006 - 13:03:42 EET


Alle 10:56, giovedý 9 marzo 2006, Cesare Marilungo ha scritto:
> My friends you're talking about marketing here. And marketing is crucial
> in our society to sell products. Art should not be a product. How can I
> believe your music is sincere if you communicate with a website full of
> marketing tricks?

The question is, what to "sell" with marketing tricks? A website eg. shouldn't
be appealing as Apple's one, for example, but conveys the idea that free
downloadable music is cool, Vorbis-seal of quality is cool, Linux-made-music
is cool, because we are against the mainstream, and we think with our head.
It's a different coolness.
In fact, we are already convinced that we followed the right path, isn't it?
We're already out of the MStream:)
So, let's invent some logo, eg "Vorbis seal of quality" or "The Penguin plays
here! (tm)", stick'em on websites, cd covers, ads etc., create some sort of
manifesto, and create some hip hop song with a versification of GPL2 or
something like this:) Let tell people that they can create a brave new world
just by clicking on that PayPal button! The quality of your music should then
speak by itself. We could say that "Creativity is Common, here!":)
This would build a sense of community, some sort of a "CC-music scene".

My 2 eurocents:)



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