[linux-audio-user] Making music a product (Was: Re: POLL: Marketing Free Music)

From: Carlo Capocasa <capocasa@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Mar 11 2006 - 15:39:15 EET

I'm wondering... I do have an urge to be able to support myself from
music. Be it from earning money from it or be it from receiving free
food, shelter, clothing and goodies in a soon-to-come free society.

So I'm wondering, the golden rule sayeth 'do onto others as you would
have it done onto you', so it appears that music that is made to be
traded for shelter and clothing ought to contain messages that let the
receiver be able to produce more shelter and clothing.

IE: Inspirational messages that actually improve people's internals,
rather than just a spacy trip.

Of course all knowledge that comes to us from inspirationland is
inherently good and valuable, but perhaps it is a good idea to spread
knowledge that is good RIGHT NOW. Hammy hammy. Listen and eat more.

There's a lot of entertainment-bashing going on in the art scene, but
what if just that entertainment helps workers (and I will just assume
that for some people it is the RIGHT THING to do to be a worker for a
minute) kick back, relax faster, and in the end produce more and be
happier with themselves, then this entertainment actually is a catalyst
for more food, shelter and clothing than the musician himself would have
been able to produce.

So I have come to believe that there is an inherent difference between
'day job' music and 'full fledged musician' music, where the former art
has mainly the function of recreation for the artist, while the latter
has that function for the audience. (not black and white, just
_primarily_, or _as a tendency. Both can have both functions, I am
talking about the intention.

What'cha think of these thoughts guys? (and girls, and trannies, and
hermaphrodites, shalt thou be here)

How can we use this to lead happier, more fulfilled lives?

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