[linux-audio-user] Re: POLL: Marketing Free Music

From: Maluvia <terakuma@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Mar 11 2006 - 17:11:51 EET

>A very good, if long ;), post.

I think Carlo's got me beat by a few lines. :)

>As for the donation thing, the one thing that irks me about all the
>independant bands I listen to is that I have to give my credit card
>number out to so many different places. It'd be nice to have a central
>place for this. OH I KNOW, that Digg-like site! We could have the
>infrastructure in place there to allow users to register their PayPal
>or CCs, and allow them to tip artists from a central location. The
>artists would have to register with the site, but I don't see that as
>a problem. The problem would be that we would need someone to pay for
>it all and develop it, and I can't do that myself right now,
>unfortunately. It's an idea, and it would help the convenience factor
>for end-users.

That's a really good point.
Doubtless that is one of the disincentives to 'tipping' - it doesn't seem
worth the trouble if someone just wants to contribute < a dollar, etc. for
a track.
Any infrastructure that would make this simpler and more convenient would
help immensely.

Promoting the use of 'Tags' might be a really good way to help index/find
all this independent net music.

>anyone had a look to http://www.jamendo.com ?

Looks very promising!
It looks like they already have that infrastructure set up?
I'd never heard of that site - thanks for the link!
Looks like they're using the 'tags' idea already.

I agree with Cesare that the 'label' term carries a lot of baggage.
Perhaps just 'net music' or 'net release'?

>I've got it. We make 'musicstreams'.

'Musicstreams' is certainly romantic. :)

>I might add, we could create musicstream logos that have a $ sign (pay
>to download, don't share), a 'please donate' sign (a basket or hat,
>maybe), and a completely free (you are not expected to donate sign).

I agree that that kind of clarification would be helpful.

>Carotinho: I would use a seperate logo and campaign to advocate linux
>audio as cool... Which would somehow have to show that linux and
>geekiness is cool (we should use SEX for that... ;)

I thought that had already been established! :)

>for people who don't
>really know what it is (okay we'll have to assume people either know
>what sex is or know what linux is). And, mystically transfer a litte
>philosophy so the tech buffs can small talk 'logoed' people better...
>not to mention score more :) I always found scoring more important than
>looking cool to peers, although the two do share common ground.

Good idea.
Being part of the new bohemian 'counter-culture' listening to independent
net music made with open-source software is super sexy and very cool. :)

- Maluvia
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