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From: Maluvia <terakuma@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Mar 11 2006 - 18:00:39 EET

Hi Carlo!

>I'm wondering... I do have an urge to be able to support myself from
>music. Be it from earning money from it or be it from receiving free
>food, shelter, clothing and goodies in a soon-to-come free society.

Amen, Brother!

>So I'm wondering, the golden rule sayeth 'do onto others as you would
>have it done onto you', so it appears that music that is made to be
>traded for shelter and clothing ought to contain messages that let the
>receiver be able to produce more shelter and clothing.
>IE: Inspirational messages that actually improve people's internals,
>rather than just a spacy trip.
>Of course all knowledge that comes to us from inspirationland is
>inherently good and valuable, but perhaps it is a good idea to spread
>knowledge that is good RIGHT NOW. Hammy hammy. Listen and eat more.
>So I have come to believe that there is an inherent difference between
>'day job' music and 'full fledged musician' music, where the former art
>has mainly the function of recreation for the artist, while the latter
>has that function for the audience. (not black and white, just
>_primarily_, or _as a tendency. Both can have both functions, I am
>talking about the intention.
>How can we use this to lead happier, more fulfilled lives?

I like bringing in that perspective, as those are very important questions.
Being an occultist - I've got to go metaphysical on you to give my answers.

This is my alternative scenario to having to make a lot of money from
Use music to change the world we live in - to change people's consciousness
- to *create* a world where money is no longer necessary.
That's a different approach to bringing about the same end - and assuredly,
the better one.

I believe that music coming from an inspired place can alter people's
consciousness - can move them, awaken them, trigger them, inspire them and
empower them.
And this doesn't have to be through explicit words in the form of lyrics -
it can be just in the intent - *where* the music is coming from - how it
makes people *feel*.
That is the incredible power of music - that it acts on a subconscious and
a superconscious level - it gets around the intellect and all the
judgements it holds that keep us stuck.
Music is a magical potency.
Music can free the mind.

And now that you all realize how way out there I am, I will take this even
a step further - because I think this is something of profound importance
to humanity and to the future:

I have no doubt whatsoever that the present order of things must collapse -
it is going to go down in flames, and sooner rather than later, I think.
Which leaves the question - what then?
What kind of life will be worth living in the aftermath - in the ruins of a
scorched and sterilized planet?

As an occultist, I am well aware of the incredible power of Sound - both to
destroy and to create - and to heal.
I believe through the intelligent use of sound and music, that even such a
ravaged earth can be healed - the radioactive fallout rendered harmless,
new life brought forth - and the hearts and minds of those left to rebuild
can be healed and expanded as well.

A musician - when truly inspired - is also a magician.
I've no doubt that is why the bards of old were so honored - and perhaps
will be again someday.

(Apologies for the lengthy reply - but some things just can't be answered
in 6 lines.)

To the future bards of the world!
- Maluvia
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