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From: Frank Barknecht <fbar@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Mar 12 2006 - 11:53:23 EET

Renato Fabbri hat gesagt: // Renato Fabbri wrote:

> -what is ardour oposed to cubase? can it do everything
> as well?

Check out for a feature list of Ardour. There's not much
midi yet in Ardour. I never used Cubase. (Maybe you can tell us Linux
users later, if Cubase can do everything that Ardour can do?

> -what is snd oposed to sound forge(please v8)? can it
> do everything as well? more?

Snd can do much more than Soundforge. For example it is artificially
intelligent. And you can run Snd in Pd. Try that with Soundforge. One
really cannot compare these two programs. In fact, you cannot compare
Snd to anything else. Check out the Snd manual for a glimpse of some
of the things Snd can do.

> -I?ve heard about linux/jack/alsa not working well
> above 48KHz. Seems waaky to me, but..? and 24 bit?

Not true at all, where did you find that?

> -Linux and Vst do well?

Yes, they do well. I do well, too, thanks. ;) But what does "do well"
mean here? Linux is the kernel of the operating system we use. Vst is
a specification for audio plugins by Steinberg. They don't have much
in common.

> -Can I get some midi out of ardour, process it in PD
> and send it to a softsynth through jack connections in
> real time?

Not through Jack, but you can use the ALSA sequencer instead to route
Midi between Pd and Ardour just fine. But as I wrote, Midi in Ardour
is still quite limited. But you can use MusE and Pd together very
well, for example.

> -Can I get 4 audio input channels, process in PD, send
> just one or two to process with LADSPA plugs and send
> them out?


> -What are the favorite softsynths? I just ran
> addsubsyn, very good. Any other good ones?

My favourite is Pd.


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