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From: Malte Steiner <steiner@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Mar 14 2006 - 20:39:47 EET


Renato Fabbri schrieb:
> ve been using linux and learning about its
> possibilities as a DAW. I intend using it as my
> plataform for live performances and migrate to it for
> composing too, and it is more and more certain that I
> will, but, for that, it is important to compare it a
> little with other plataforms... and.. im freaking
> out, man!!!! too much stuff!!
That is a feature, freedom of choice, which can be quite confusing.
Comparing is helpful to get into it but be prepared that some
applications taking different approaches and new possibilities instead
of just ripping off stuff and be always behind the big boys.

please help!! Distro
> running, apps running, tests going, thats not the
> prob, just need some comparinsons (i am sorry to send
> some silly quests, i promess myself that ill build a
> basic guide for musician linux newbies):

There are no silly questions, only silly answers.
> -what is ardour oposed to cubase? can it do everything
> as well?
If you want to compare ardour to a commercial counterpart, Protools is
the one to look at. For midisequencers you should look at Rosegarden and
Wired, but the development of wired is slow:



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