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Date: Wed Mar 15 2006 - 20:30:23 EET

Hello all.

I've been busy and off the lists for a while and will be for a while,
but I just wanted to pass on something that could be very

Please don't stop reading when you read "Microsoft", "scheme" or
"money". I'm not asking for bank details :)

There is a scheme for lecturers/researchers working in computer
science and its various flavours in developed countries in the EU and
USA to travel to developing countries for research or teaching.

Microsoft will put up the travel money if the hosting institution will
cover living expenses. I think they will supply up to 1,300 pounds.

It works a bit like on-line dating - people that want
lecturers/researchers sign up, as do lecturers and researchers. Then
you see if there's a match and take it from there.

So, if you're a lecturer or researcher that feels like taking you
skills into developing countries for a week or two, take a look.

Also, if you're from an institution in a developing country and would
like to have a visiting lecturer/researcher, sign up.

You might think this is totally the wrong place (actually, I
cross-posted so I should say "places"), but here are my reasons:

0. I know there are a few lecturers/researchers on the list.

1. Very few people have signed up due to poor advertising. This means
the money could just not get spent when it could do some real good.
It also means that any potential collaborations are very likely to get

2. Microsoft is probably the least favoured company on these lists BUT
think of this as a way to get some of their ill-gotten gains spent
doing something good.

3. It really does look like a good deal. I can't see any reason to
suspect Microsoft are doing anything evil on this one. I'm going to
sign myself up - why not join me.

Details: http://research.microsoft.com/ero/icd/inspire/

Feel free to ignore this mail, but I'd appreciate not getting flamed


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