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Date: Wed Mar 15 2006 - 21:09:48 EET

On Wed, 15 Mar, 2006 at 08:30PM +0200, Juhana Sadeharju spake thus:
> I have this idea:
> We could have an organized community where volunteer musicians
> make music similar to the top commercial songs. When the idea
> works, one may get top pop music for free.

I think it comes down to a question that was discussed earlier on the
list: why do we make music?

All of us are pretty much in favour of CC-style licenses, so we're not
doing it for money.

The two main reasons seemed to be:

1. you feel the urge, you have something in your head, you want to
express yourself

2. you want people to hear your music, it's satisfying to know people
like your output, you enjoy listening to music and want to give
soemthing back

All of us appear to have both reasons, with varying epmphasis one each

The problem is, your Free Music Factory idea doesn't really scratch
either of those itches very well.

Reason 1 is obviously at odds with it. Reason 2 I think doesn't fit
the factory plan because if you're after pure emulation it's not
really *your* music. You might as well just turn on the radio.

This isn't really meant as a flame and I'd hate to be seen as trying
to squash creative thinking. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of the
idea and I'm just adding my opinion to the pot.

> -*-
> Making similar music purposedly is nothing new. Many top
> commercial songs generate a row of similar commercial songs
> which then end up to the top as well.
> We need this kind of alternative way of making free music.
> For example, the recent free music CD announced here at LAU
> simply sucks.

Hmm. I missed the CD announcement and can't find it. I have to say
it sounds a lot more interesting than this project, though.

> I don't know why.

Maybe if you tried to work out why, you could feed it into the
project. By reasoning through your doubts, you could actually make
the CD idea into something better rather than just asserting that it

On a completely unrelated note, things "sucking" is one of my
favourite Americanisms. Why is sucking bad? I can think of many
contexts in which suction is important, useful and even, dare I say
it, pleasurable :)


> -*-
> As how to organize the Free Music Factory, we need volunteers:
> singers, lyrics authors, musicians of different styles, etc.
> We also need volunteers who know technical details: effects,
> cool synth sounds etc. The commercial songs need to be musically
> analysed as well.
> Juhana

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