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Date: Thu Mar 16 2006 - 11:33:23 EET

On Wed, 15 Mar, 2006 at 05:04PM -0500, Thomas Vecchione spake thus:
> >One point about the whole idea that I REALLY LIKE is the idea of
> >collaboration on a much broader basis. I think it is so cool when
> >people post a drum track and say, "Could someone add a bass track to
> >this? I'm no good at bass..." Or maybe define a general direction
> >and mood for the song to go into, and whoever wants to get on board is
> >welcome. Then you would have musicians who actually _want_ to play
> >this music helping out with the recording of a song.
> Well so far in this thread, this seems like the most worthwhile thing to
> respond to, as others have already stated my opinions, no sense
> repeating them at this point in time.
> I find this idea very intriguing... Would people be interested if a
> place to post up a track or two was put on the web, so others could
> listen to it, and post up another track on their instrument of choice,
> and build like that? Could create an entire CD of completely random
> artists.

Oh, yes! I once had a record called endlesnessism, which started with
one track and was remixed in the second, by another artist. This was
then remixed by another artist and this was then...

A whole moving remix across an album, with loads of people involved.

It was pretty crap, actually, but a nice idea.

I'm sure we could do something good with collaboration like you
suggest. Off you go and start us off...
> Of course then you get things like, how to express a vision when there
> isn't as much collaboration/agreement on it from the start.

If each person is free to push however they want...

We might just end up with a whole family of songs rather than one.

> Just ideas floating around in my head now, but it would be fun(And I
> might be willing to look into doing it) to put up a musical forum of
> sorts where people post up tracks, and possibly their vision for them,
> for others to listen to, get inspired, and post up, and then possibly
> have the engineers on the lsit come through and mix the entire thing
> together, creating many different individual mixes possibly?
> Ideas Ideas... Now its time for someone to come back and post, this has
> been done you idiot, we talked about it two days ago where were you?;)

I think it has, in some form, but I never got around to playing with it.

> Seablade

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