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Date: Fri Mar 17 2006 - 22:31:02 EET

On Fri, 17 Mar, 2006 at 06:31PM +0100, Thorsten Wilms spake thus:
> On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 05:56:05PM +0200, Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
> >
> > BTW, sorry about the "sucks" but that was honest on my part. I'm comparing
> > to Madonna, Yello etc. Check a couple of Yello loop sets for the
> > excellent sound quality at
> >
> >
> _Many_ things suck if put next to Yello.
> Now this could be interpreted like you think that CD sucks
> because it lacks in sound quality. Now is that what you mean?
> Try being specific, damnit.
> Maybe the Yello guys do not have "only" skills and many years
> of experience, but also the best equipment? I don't see
> online collaborations helping on, of all aspects, "sound
> quality". Exchanging 32 bit float wavs over the net?

I'd love to get my grubby hands on some serious equipment - mainly
because of the potentiometer fetish I seem to have developed.

But at the same time, I'm all for making the most of what you have.
If you can only manage low fidelity (whatever fidelity means when,
like me, you rarely touch a "real" instrument), then bloody well stick
the lo-fi badge on it and go with it.

Windows users are probably perfectly suited to making glitch music,
for example ;)

> Thorsten Wilms

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That' to get to gcc, Emacs, and gdb.  Thank you."
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