Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: Tascam US-122 and Debian

From: Jeremiah Benham <jjbenham@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Mar 28 2006 - 16:47:38 EEST

On Mon, Mar 27, 2006 at 10:13:44PM +0200, Bj??rn Lindstr??m wrote:
> For good measure I thought I should summarise my problem again, now
> that I've struggled with this a couple of days more.
> It was suggested that I should use a `nrpacks=1' argument to the
> snd_usb_usx2y module when using the US-122, so I have specified that
> using modconf.
> Now, if I boot with the US-122 connected, I can for starters see it
> using lsusb:
> Bus 002 Device 003: ID 1604:8007 Tascam US-122 Audio/Midi Interface
> This line would contain a notice if firmware hadn't been loaded to the
> device, so I can tell that part is working.
> I also see it in /proc/asound/cards:
> TASCAM US-X2Y (1604:8007 if 0 at 002/003)
> However, I still see no /dev/dsp2, and `aplay -l' lists only my
> internal card.
> Now someone has told me I should use the program usx2yloader from the
> alsa-firmware-loaders package to activate the US-122. However:
> % sudo usx2yloader -c 2
> usx2yloader: error in loading /usr/share/alsa/firmware/usx2yloader/us122.rbt

I have this device. I never have to pass an argument to usx2yloader I
also have never used nrpacks=1. I never needed to. The first time I
set it up I ran the fxload on the first firmware that is needed. Then
usx2yloader just works without any argument. The usb light should light
up on the device once both sets of firmware are loaded up. I had to run
lsusb to figure out were it was mounted in my /proc/bus/usb. I believe
you need to have usbfs for any of this to work.

fxload with the first rom came with the EZ-USB package.

I highly recomend doing by hand first before assuming that hotplug has
done anything at all correctly.
I can give you more details once I have my debian box working again.


> (us122.rbt is there and comes from the latest ALSA release.)
> Does anyone have a suggestion on where to go from here?
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