[linux-audio-user] Muse timing and Rosegarden crashing X

From: Hector Centeno-Garcia <h.centeno@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Apr 05 2006 - 09:57:00 EEST


I've been trying to work with a very large MIDI file (over 420 bars and
50 tracks) and I found some problems with both Muse and Rosegarden (both
in their latest released versions).

First, Muse seems to go faster in tempo than what is set in the midi
file. To test this, I imported the same file in both programs and set
both to sync with jack and started playback. After some time Muse was
ahead of Rosegarden. Why is this happening? Both are set to the same
tempo (I have Rosegarden set to sync to the system timer). Beside this,
I found, in Muse, that some notes in one instrument were imported with
longer duration.

Second, Rosegarden crashes when I scroll horizontally through this large
file. It doesn't matter if I do it fast or slow, I just have to keep
scrolling for some seconds and then it will crash and make the X server
to restart. If I manage to get beyond bar 320, I find that the display
gets corrupted and the segment boxes disappear but the midi notes are
still being drawn (it looks like the notes keep going outside the
boundaries of the segment container). I found the same problem in
previous versions of Rosegarden and it's present using two different
distro versions (I tested in Ubuntu Breezy and Dapper).

So, these problems made both programs unusable for this particular
project... I wonder if anyone suffered of the same or have any idea how
to solve this problems. Any help will be very appreciated!


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