Re: [linux-audio-user] midi note numbers

From: tim hall <tech@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Apr 13 2006 - 15:33:09 EEST

Christoph Eckert wrote:
>>Computers count from zero. Always have, always will.
> yes, of course, I know.
> But it is possible to hide this in user interfaces. IMHO the machines
> have to serve the humans, not the other way around.
> How many mails are you reading right now, 0 or 1 ;-) ?

It's not a question of number, it's a question of counter position. Yes
it does my head in too, but when was the last time you counted from 1 on
a ruler?

This thread has explained to me why I'm constantly confused as to the
location of 'middle C'. I would also like to point out to anyone writing
  software that uses a MIDI keyboard that, while A=440 is a sane
default, there are musically appropriate reasons for variations in the
range of A=415 to A=446+ - allowing a slightly greater range of
variation (say 400 - 450Hz) could also be useful. I tend not to use
software that does not allow this.


tim hall
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