Re: [linux-audio-user] Three last tracks

From: Yves Potin <yves_p@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jun 01 2006 - 00:09:29 EEST

        Hi :).
        Thank you very much, Chris, Mark, Luis, Thorsten and Tim for the
comments about these tracks. I take permission to respond in a single
message not to flood the list :

Le 31 May 11:40, tim hall ecrivait:

[Astronomy Domine]
> It's hard to listen to a cover of this song as the original has such a
> peculiar numinous quality that has little to do with the notes played. This
> is how Tim Blake would do it I guess. I was looking forward to a bit more
> guitar. It's all far too clean for my tastes.

        Well, I was waiting for even more angry comments for having made a
version without guitar and drums, and with a woman voice. I didn't said it
was a kind of troll but it was the feeling :)). Tim, I'm glad you liked
the No Joe track, either.

[Lennies's pennies]
> I started liking this around 2:14. It's a bit nebulous up to this point. Great
> horns, if a little synthy.

        Thanks for the listening. Luis, I absolutely wasn't aware of the
history of this tune, the details you explained were very intersting. It's
true that the minor tone is the reason why I particularly like it, and
AFAIK it's not a frequently played standard . I've chosen to lower the
tempo because the melody sounds to me much more clear this way.
        Chris, I play the guitar solo, the drums were made in MuSE, with
samples. I realize effectively the limits of my skills for programming
drums on non binary rythms...

> I'm not over-keen on the lead synth voice in the first part. It sounds like it
> would benefit from a real instrument. In fact that would be my greatest
> complaint of the whole piece, really, your choice of synth sounds. The
> writing is great and the more organic sounds work well, but the synth sounds
> are like a cheesy keyboard demo, which doesn't do your music justice.

        OK, I realize you, Thorsten and Mark, are completely right about
the choices of the sounds, especially the voice. It's part of the things
you notice at a moment and then you do another thing on the track and then
become accustomed to this sound to the point that you don't really listen
to it anymore, and with the hours passing...
        The string instrument is a mix of Guzhen and Luan, I try to
approach with this the sound of a Japanese Koto as close a I can.
        I was very interested by your perception of this track as a free
form, as for me it's completely structured. Such an external look is
precious, as it's completely true for the listener.
        Thanks again for the advices :).

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