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From: Dave Phillips <dlphillips@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jun 15 2006 - 16:26:41 EEST

Sorry, forgot the file...

Getting Started

0) Requires LASH now :

1) Download Steinberg's VST SDK, currently available here :

   It's been known to move about in the past. Also, you must agree to Steinberg's non-free licensing terms - that's how it is, sorry.

2) Unzip the SDK into the FST directory.

3) Type 'make'. If everything works correctly this should create an executable file named fst.

4) To run your VST plugins :

        Start your JACK server.
        Start LASH (lashd).
        Enter the FST directory and run this command :

        ./fst /path/to/someplugin.dll

   Set up the audio/MIDI inputs and outputs with QJackCtl's Connections window.
5) Optional: To build Ardour 0.99.x with FST support :
   Copy the SC* files from the Ardour directory into your Ardour build path, then build Ardour with these flags :

        scons VST=1 VSTPATH=/path/to/compiled/fst

Further notes

According to the original README this software "... interprets transport info correctly". [JACK transport or ... ?]

If Step 4 above results in a zombified plugin try running it with the -r option :

        ./fst -r /path/to/someplugin.dll

[Any other flags or switches ?]


FST is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2. See file 'COPYING' for details.


Torben Hohn, Paul Davis, Kjetil Matheussen, Joe Button, and some other guy (sorry, no time to find your name now, it's in the source somewhere).

This document was written originally by Torben Hohn. It was revised on 15 June 2006 by DLP.
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