Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: which graphics card?

From: Kjetil S. Matheussen <kjetil@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jun 22 2006 - 05:06:11 EEST

>> Hallo,
>> Lee Revell hat gesagt: // Lee Revell wrote:
>> > On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 14:27 -0400, Dave Robillard
>> wrote:
>> > > Boycott by buying what?
>> >
>> > Via or Intel. Yes it's not "high end" but most
>> people on this list
>> > really don't need S3TC or whatever the hell it's
>> called. This is
>> > linux-audio-user, not linux-gamer-fanboy.
>> Or an old and gold Matrox G450,
>The G400 requires mga_hal which is a binary and blah,
>freakin blah. Link S. dropped his G400 buy the studio
>for me to try out. I think the G450 is a solid buy for
>technical and usability requirements. It's said to run
>out of the box and with dual monitor support at that.
>I'm gonna go find one.

Regarding matrox, heres my experiences with graphics cards
on linux for audio use, posted half year ago:
Theres a typo there though: "Matrox 400+500" is supposed to
be "Matrox 450+550". I'm afraid of those cards. They
made my machines behave strangely, hanging, lots of cpu use.
It might work for you though, but none of mine have been
very pleasant, neither in windows or linux. You can find similar
experiences on the net, you should search a bit.
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