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From: Hartmut Noack <zettberlin@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Aug 14 2006 - 01:57:00 EEST

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Patrick Shirkey schrieb:

> If I release a track with a copyright that doesn't allow unlicensed
> reproduction or distribution it is my express desire that someone will
> make a remix that sells in the thousands so I can sue their ass and get
> some extra money from it, get more exposure for my original work and
> increase my profile through a highly visible publicity campaign
> explaining how hard done by I am that my music as ripped off and how
> amazing my original work is that someone would want to rip it off in hte
> first place.
> Why else would I want to protect my IP other than making as much money
> as possible from it?

Because i want to keep my personal expressions linked to my name.

Music/Art is NO "IP" it is something personal that belongs to the
creator by law of nature.
Software is very much different - it is abstract and has to follow
deterministic rules that are set by machinedesign, compilerrules, maths
etc. so if you implement a feature for w computer by means of coding you
have to follow rules that are made by a community of founders, that
follow logical determination also - you do not "create" features in
software - you rearrange things that have been done before - a bit
similar to the work with records that are made to be mixed by DJs, or
with loops that where recorded with the sole intention to be used with

My recordings are made with the intention to be heared and played as is
- - they are my personal expressions and if you remix them, you should at
least mention my authorship and if i do not want you to remix it should
be a question of your own sense of dignity to respect this.
Some of my tracks are here:

I publish my tracks with a CC-licence sharealike, attribution,
non-commercial. So i do not try to make piles of money by forbidding the
fair use of my music - i just want to be respected as the author and -
yes - i want a fair share if someone makes money with my work...

BTW: i have abou 200 Megs of Samples on the net, that you can use as you
wish (they are licenced LGPL-like):

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