Re: [linux-audio-user] auto-track splitting (gramofile replacement)

From: Martin Wohlleben <martin.wohlleben@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Aug 14 2006 - 14:55:51 EEST

Am Montag 14 August 2006 00:03 schrieb Bearcat M. Sandor:
> Hello folks,
> I have a number of files that were transcribed from records. One side of
> the record equals one wav file. I used to use gramofile to split them up.
> Gramofile simply searched for the quiet passages and broke up the tracks,
> based on user preferences.
> Gramofile is no-more and my system has advanced to the point where
> gramofile is broken and i cannot recompile it.
> Is there another app that does the same thing (or can do it) and is still
> active. Command line or gui makes no difference, but i have a preference
> for qt/kde, though gtk based is ok.
> Bearcat M. Sandor


I was always unhappy with the results of automatic splitting and split my
records mostly manually. May you want to give it a try, too.

I'm using a nice and very fast solution called gnowavcut
( It doesn't show any waveform but it starts
fast and allows to switch really fast through the soundfile, setting
splitpoints, removing to long breakes etc.
It also can be startet with the soundfile as parameter (gnowavcut <name of
soundfile>) and writes the splittet file in the current working directory.
I could achieve a good workflow by assigning .wav files to gnowavcut using the
file browser to open them.
Unfortunately gnowavcut just works for 16bit PCM files.

Another one is wavebreaker ( it has a wave form
view and supports also non 16 bit PCM but it's slower due to the wave form
calculation. At wavebreaker it also not possible to open a file direcly at
startup and you always have to set an output directory.

Finally both solutions are faster than audacity, if you just want to split.

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