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From: R Parker <rtp405@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Aug 14 2006 - 17:30:48 EEST

--- Patrick Shirkey <pshirkey@email-addr-hidden>

> BTW I respect Ron and his work but I am not prepared
> to let that little
> slight go by. tX is a highly undervalued piece of
> software and anyone
> who uses it deserves more encouragement to do
> whatever the hell they
> feel like with it. If a member of this list
> personally doesn't like
> artwork that is made public here then they are free
> to criticize it but
> telling someone to stop doing what they are doing
> because they are not
> original is BS.

I do not support, want to be associated with or
tolerate violating artist rights. I love and live for
music and musicians.

You have conjured up a set of arguments to justify
your actions. Does violating copyrights do the artist
a favor by creating revenue and promotional
opportunity? No! I've seen this first hand and know
the outcome. Experience outweighs assumptions.

Your a criminal for personal gain, artistic, social
and economic change. A Robin Hood for artists? A
problem is that "digital musicians" who violate
copyrights as a rule return nothing.

As an artist, I will tell you that your assistance in
building my career through copyright violations is
unwanted. I have laughed about similar strategies,
naming my album Evil Inside, in order to create
publicity. These strategies are a two minute giggle
and that's about it.

I converted my commercial studio to Linux in 2001. I
have about a dozen start to finish albums done with
Ardour, JAMin and LADSPA and several terabytes more in
the oven. I've learned alot from Linux users and
software developers. I feel a dept of gratitude and
have an opportunity to give something back. I'll do my

I am obsessed with becoming a perfect musician and
time is a premium. I need to spend mine on a drum
throne at 80bpm for the next couple years (Chinese
water torture comes to mind). Thanks for everything. I
am unsubscribed.

Ron Parker
Mirror Image Studio

> I have yet to meet a DJ who has not got a sample in
> their collection or
> has not been heavily influenced by someone else's
> music to the point of
> having a couple of tracks that emulate or borrow
> heavily from the
> "originator". In fact you can't really call yourself
> a DJ if you don't
> have other peoples work in your collection.
> In fact I have yet to hear any truly original music
> being released by
> anyone in this community. Should we all just give up
> now?
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> Patrick Shirkey - Boost Hardware Ltd.
> - The Linux Audio Users
> guide
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> "Anything your mind can see you can manifest
> physically, then it will
> become reality" - Macka B
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