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From: Patrick Shirkey <pshirkey@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Aug 14 2006 - 17:34:25 EEST

Hartmut Noack wrote:
> if you would use the licence, that I use for my stuff, you would have
> this opportunity, if you use the licence, you recommend for everybody
> you would have the chance to be sued if you claim to have made the track
> he used (because he does not need to mention you and can easily claim,
> it is his work)

I don't recommend it for everybody. Just in the case where the artist
wants to get a cut of any earnings made from the future use of their work.

Anyway, your example doesn't wash. If it was true then the Verve could
have sued the label that owns the Rolling Stones sample they used in
"Bitter Sweet Symphony". That is completely the opposite of what
happened and no precedent has ever been set for the case you outline.

>>> Not right, for i would not use the corrupt and stupid "copyright" law to
>>> get my claims in the first place but ask the user of my stuff for some
>>> respect personally without a lawyer involved.
>> That's a good start but in most cases unlikely to get you any money.
> Maybe so but money is not the preliminary target.

It is if you use a commercial copyright.

>> By far the vast majority of people dancing and listening to music have
>> absolutely no idea of the history of music apart from a couple of
>> Beatles tracks and a few of their favorite songs.
> the vast majority loves Madonna and thinks, Bon Jovi is a Heavy Metal
> Band - these majority-people are no reference to anything about music/art

Except they are the ones who spend the most money at itunes and make the
most requests for crap songs at clubs and just so happen to spend the
most money on music in general.

>> On top of that telling other people on this list who have got the balls
>> to share their work with the community to *effectively* fcuk off until
>> they make something "Original" is an outright insult.
>> Anyone who backs up Ron on that one had better get ready to have a
>> fight, and I use knives so you better be packing!! ;-]
>> BTW I respect Ron and his work but I am not prepared to let that little
>> slight go by. tX is a highly undervalued piece of software and anyone
>> who uses it deserves more encouragement to do whatever the hell they
>> feel like with it. If a member of this list personally doesn't like
>> artwork that is made public here then they are free to criticize it but
>> telling someone to stop doing what they are doing because they are not
>> original is BS.
> At leas I did never made such statement - i like the stuff you make and
> it is OK with me, that you use samples from others to do so, still i
> think that those others should not go unnoticed.

I didn't make the track in question. However I have remixed several
tracks which incorporate samples from other peoples work with varying
degrees of appreciation from people who have listened. I am not the only
one to do it and I defend the freedom I have to do it whether it is
deemed illegal in some countries or not.

>> In fact I have yet to hear any truly original music being released by
>> anyone in this community. Should we all just give up now?
> There are hundreds of tracks made in the community allready, that do not
> incorporate a single second of any previously published record. DJing is
> not the only way to make music...

I have yet to hear a truly original piece from this community. Even if
it is created with original recordings and samples. Everything I have
listened to takes influence from the work of others or attempts to
emulate a sound that has already been discovered (occasionally with
excellent technical execution).

I don't say this lightly as I have been listening to tracks recorded and
released by this community for 7 years.

Which makes me again question how anyone on this list feels comfortable
singling someone out to let them know their work isn't original because
it doesn't meet their standard for copyrighted material.

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