[linux-audio-user] [ANN] NoteEdit 2.8.1 released

From: Reinhard <suamor@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 20:11:55 EEST


The NoteEdit team is happy to announce the long awaited new release
of the score editor NoteEdit.

You can directly fetch the sources from here:

Please note:
This is the last major release on NoteEdit. Since some month the core team
concentrates it's development on the NoteEdit successor called Canorus.
More information can be found here:

The new version 2.8.1 contains the following major changes since the
last release:

- New direct printing and print preview support using different backends:
  - Implemented custom print dialog.
  - New settings in Configure dialog for printing.
  - Custom preview application (eg. kpdf, gpdf, xpdf, gv).
  - Custom typesetting application (LilyPond, ABC, PMX/MusiXTeX).
- Enhanced UI:
  - mouse wheel behaviour improvements (zoom in/out, quick scroll, vertical
  - added keyboard shortcuts (select n-th voice directly, start/stop
  insert special barline, goto measure),
  - few dialog improvements (insert clef or barline, page layout),
  - new dialog: Insert special barline.
  - remember the last position of action (useful when deleting the whole
  of the score),
  - rewritten scroll behaviour (especially when the selected element is
  - red border when Edit mode is active.
  - added vertical line which connects all staves
- MusicXML improvements:
  - import arbitrary text.
  - export arbitrary text.
  - export all strings in UTF-8 encoding.
- LilyPond export filter improvements:
  - arranger is now exported.
  - document page size is exported.
  - rit./accel. signs are printed in italic.
  - export all strings in UTF-8 encoding, if Lily >2.6 is found.
  - official Lilypond font sizes are now supported
- gcc4 complete compiler support. Many warning fixes and internal cleanups.
- Many documentation additions and fixes.
- New translations and translation updates

More details (including bug fixes and detailed changes) can be found
in the NEWS file and the ChangeLog file of the archive.

Best regards,


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evening, next on Monday evening).

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