Re: [linux-audio-user] Commercial audio software on Linux

From: Brett W. McCoy <idragosani@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Aug 19 2006 - 23:05:34 EEST

On 8/19/06, carmen <> wrote:

> id love to see some one pretty big (i mean sonar, protools, logic, cubase, reason,
> ableton, nativeinstruments) come out with something for linux, since others would likely
> follow soon after (and i can get my beloved samplitude back faster than i can wait for
> ardour to catch up or hack together libardour with libsooperlooper and write a custom GUI
> to do what i want). if ubuntu uptake continues to make headway, this is a possibility.
> especially ableton and NI have virtualy abstracted away the platform's role in the GUI and > DSP so it would be trivial, if the market was there..

What is really needed on Linux isn't another DAW, it's a decent
sampler... Linux Sampler is still lacking many features (and has
restrictions on commercial production), and things like soundfonts are
pretty weak as far as modern sampling technology goes. I'd like to see
something like Kontakt, SampleTank, GigaStudio, etc. on Linux... I
still have to use Windows for this kind of stuff, as I haven't found
anything on Linux that comes close.

As far as DAWs go, though, Ardour + Rosegarden is hands down my
favorite. I occasionaly use Finale and Sonar on Windows (on my laptop,
to play with compositional ideas), but even these two combined don't
let me do what I can do with Rosegarden & Ardour -- Finale has more
composing features than Rosegarden, but sucks as a MIDI editor.
Cakewalk has good MIDI features, but sucks for composing and the
interface sucks also (I prefer the multi-window way Ardour works
rather than the MDI way Cakewalk works). And doing inter-application
MIDI on Windows is a real suck... using JACK has quite spoiled me!

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