Re: [linux-audio-user] Commercial audio software on Linux

From: carmen <>
Date: Sat Aug 19 2006 - 22:46:28 EEST

> I think you would see more interest in a Linux version of your
> app than the reactions of people on this list (who are already
> using free softare) might lead you to believe. For example,
> MainConcept has been publishing a Linux version of their
> proprietary video editor

well right. if you want to include video and 3d, how about MAYA, XSI, and jsut about all the other leading tools.

its just theres been no proprietary AUDIO stuff that has been successful on linux. among people who pay for audio software, the market is porably 70% mac, 30% windows, or something. among people who use audio software, its proably more like 70% pc, 30% mac...

id love to see some one pretty big (i mean sonar, protools, logic, cubase, reason, ableton, nativeinstruments) come out with something for linux, since others would likely follow soon after (and i can get my beloved samplitude back faster than i can wait for ardour to catch up or hack together libardour with libsooperlooper and write a custom GUI to do what i want). if ubuntu uptake continues to make headway, this is a possibility. especially ableton and NI have virtualy abstracted away the platform's role in the GUI and DSP so it would be trivial, if the market was there..
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