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From: Hartmut Noack <zettberlin@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Aug 23 2006 - 21:56:03 EEST

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Chris Reisor schrieb:

> Jazz musicians have been "quoting" from other musicians in the midst
> of their own improvisational solos for a long time. I guess it's a
> little different from sampling, but to me the effect is the same.

Call me a snob, give me names !!!! But NO:
 if someone plays a quote, this is not the same as cutting a nice little
loop out of a previously made recording, rearrange it with some other
loops and call it "mine! - who the f... cares for that poor little
sucker that played the loop in the first place: me not!"

The only thing i can approve is, that sampling should be allowed for
anybody with no cost until the derivative work makes money and so a fair
share can be given easily. Remembering the names of artists, that made
the material on wich a remixer rolls his own, is not sooo big a
hindrance for the freedom of art.

There was the reference to the case Negativeland vs. U2 - i would plea
as follows:
1.) Negative Land had every right in the World to use the U2-Stuff
2.) U2 should not have been allowed to sue NL, because a
mIllionsellerrockstars they have to take the burden of being a cultural
phenomenon too - to be commented and discussed including quotation in
the open.
3.) U2 should not have been allowed to demand more then the autor of a
covered song for each sold copy of the NL-Album - about 5% of the price
of the album at the shop, by my estimation.

I do not try to fight freedom of art but for some quality and manners as
art is distributed.

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