[linux-audio-user] Getting a Logitech Traveler bluetooth headset. Help?

From: Bearcat M. Sandor <HomeTheater@email-addr-hidden-soul.com>
Date: Thu Aug 24 2006 - 01:51:31 EEST


I do hope this is an appropreate mailing list to ask this on .

I have the snd_bt_sco module loaded.

Doing a btsco 00:0D:44:4F:37:72 gives me

Error: Failed to connect to SDP server: Function not implemented
Assuming channel 2

Can't connect RFCOMM channel: Resource temporarily unavailable

I'm a newbie at this bluetooth stuff. I'm not sure if i'm supposed to start
the rfcomm program or what parameters i should send.

Watching my system load the snd_bt_sco load at startup i see lots of
errors: http://pastebin.ca/146518

My config files are as follows: http://pastebin.ca/146850

I am using the alsa modules in linux 2.6.17, btsco 0.42, bluez-utils and
bluez-libs versions 3.2.

Thanks for the help,

Bearcat M. Sandor
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