Re: [linux-audio-user] jackd acts weird

From: eun.sung <>
Date: Fri Aug 25 2006 - 21:55:32 EEST


thanks for reply

it's not a kluppe problem but a jackd one
i managed to get some sound in jack but using it in "playback only" mode
and i have many clips and xruns

actually i reinstalled my system with a new kernel and i can't make it
work as fine as my old one

i try to find the best realtime solution

on my former system i used a 2.6.15-mingo's patched with a standalone
realtime-lsm module and i was so satisfied with that

now i have a and seeing realtime-lsm seeming deprecated makes
me try set_rlimits and PAM solutions

but for now it's not efificient at all

i guess there must have been many experiences report about that on the
list but i'd be interested if some would like to share experiences with
recent kernels


Martin Wohlleben a écrit :
> Hello,
> I tried kluppe on current realtime-audio setups and it didn't work fine
> anymore (one year ago on SuSE 9.1 it was running on the same
> computer/souncard config at smallest available buffersizes without any
> problems)
> Now, the only possibility to get it working with jack is to increase the
> buffer size to 1024 samples or more.
> You should check if kluppe is still conncted to jack after starting (e.g.
> with qjackctl - if it's still connected after start-up you should see
> kluppe's channels).
> I tried kluppe under Agnula-Demudi and Gentoo with rt-patched kernels and
> rt-privileges, so it seems to be a problem of kluppe or some other new
> libraries used by it.
> Jackd seems to run ok, because other apps like ardour, sooperlooper, jamin or
> Rosegarden are still running fine at small buffers (64-128 samples).
> I didn't use terminatorX yet, so I can't say if it is the same for me.
> regards
> Martin
> Am Freitag 25 August 2006 17:08 schrieb eun.sung:
>> hi list
>> on a new system, i can't understand what happens with jack
>> i can launch jackd - seems to work normally - create some connections
>> with terminatorX for example
>> but when i "power" on terminatorX - the same thing happens with kluppe
>> (haven't tried yet with other apps) - the audio file doesn't get read at
>> all although it gets read when i use the app with a direct ALSA output
>> i tried both stable and svn versions of jack and run that all on a
>>'s patched kernel
>> do you have an idea about what happens here?
>> thanks
>> greetings
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