[LAU] icecast and live-streaming

From: Julien Claassen <julien@email-addr-hidden-lab.de>
Date: Thu Sep 06 2007 - 02:01:36 EEST

  I just set up an icecast2-server and have an ices2 source-client working
  But I'd like to do some realtime-streaming with jack. So I installed darkice
0.18.1 and get this error:
DarkIce: VorbisLibEncoder.cpp:142: vorbis lib opening underlying sink error
  I hear it arises quite a lot, because darkice can't connect to the server. I
checked all my ports and compared the config with that of ices. Everything
seems to be the same.
  I wonder: I know that at least on the linux-audio conferences Joern and Eric
used icecast and some jack-input. Is there another solution to do it?
  I'd need a text-based or no I/O client, for not being able to use the GUI.
Or does anyone have any idea on the darkice error?
  Here's some system info and the darkice config:
Linux 2.6.21-mm2 # PREEMPT
Debian etch (4.0)
Self-installed jack and ogg-vorbis tools (linked into darkice properly!)
jack 0.107.2
icecast2.3.1 (deb-package)
Darkice config:
device = jack # OSS DSP soundcard device for the audio input
sampleRate = 48000 # sample rate in Hz. try 11025, 22050 or 44100
bitsPerSample = 16 # bits per sample. try 16
channel = 2 # channels. 1 = mono, 2 = stereo

# this section describes a streaming connection to an IceCast2 server
# there may be up to 8 of these sections, named [icecast2-0] ... [icecast2-7]
# these can be mixed with [icecast-x] and [shoutcast-x] sections
bitrateMode = abr # average bit rate
format = vorbis # format of the stream: ogg vorbis
bitrate = 128 # bitrate of the stream sent to the server
server = localhost
                            # host name of the server
port = 8000 # port of the IceCast2 server, usually 8000
password = I12oveBS # source password to the IceCast2 server
mountPoint = /progrock.ogg # mount point of this stream on the IceCast2
name = Progressive Rock stream
                            # name of the stream
description = Progrock from the 70s to 90s
                            # description of the stream
url = http://juliencoder.de
                            # URL related to the stream
genre = Progressive Rock
public = yes # advertise this stream?

  I skipeed [general], for it is unchanged to the standard.
  Thanks for any help!
  Kindest regards

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