Re: [LAU] OT: Microphone choice for pipe organ

From: Bob van der Poel <bob@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jun 14 2010 - 03:44:10 EEST

> Hi all,
> In the past I've recorded a church choir and organ, using a pair of small
> condensers[1] in an X-Y layout for the choir, and a single large-diaphragm
> condenser[2] for the pipe organ (which is at the other end of the church).

Not a real straight-up answer ... but I recall reading about a fellow
using a Zoom H4 to record church organ. Even did a "fancy" home made
holder which resembled a hook (which he hung on a balcony rail) and
suspended the H4. Point is, the H4 has x/y condensers and sounds
pretty good. And I doubt if the mics are the really expensive ones :)

You can probably find the how to article with google.

Hope it helps.

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