[linux-audio-dev] [ANN] sverb 0.90

From: Cedric Roux <Cedric.Roux@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Feb 12 2006 - 16:40:13 EET

Dear Linux audio people,

sverb 0.90 is out at:

sverb is an order 15 cfdn reverb.

More presets were added.

If someone wants to contribute a ladspa support, it's welcome.
We could have one effect for each preset (with names like
"short reverb 1", "huge reverb").
Then, for each preset, we can control the reverb with two parameters
(t60(0) and t60(pi)), which would make a nice and tiny GUI.
(Maybe also add a dry/wet control.)

We also need to handle stereo, with a basic decorrelation
for example (different delays for left and right channel).

Since sverb has three internal operating modes (float, int, asm),
I think three .so would be nice. For the asm and int libraries,
we could add a third control for the bit resolution (or leave
it to a default, currently 14, but which could be set at compile
time why not).

Before going to 1.0, I need some feedback about the quality of
the various reverbs (I know that big 2 is not that good).

Also, if someone knows how to define good parameters (by hand
or algorithmically) for the delay lines, help is very welcome.

Take care of yourself,
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