[linux-audio-dev] More about consolidation of the Linux audio online resources (was: linuxdj...)

From: ico <ico@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Feb 19 2006 - 04:51:31 EET

Hi all,

A couple days ago I sent an e-mail on this topic due to some initial positive
feedback, yet not much has happened since... (it may very well be that a lot
of people are very busy with LAC preparations (-: ). At any rate, please allow
me to reiterate what I've mentioned before in hope that this time it may
elicit some fruitful discussion on this IMHO very important topic.




It appears to me that there were at least a few members of the LAD/LAU list
who have expressed interest in having LAD site somehow integrated in the
Linuxaudio.org. I believe that this would be a very encouraging step towards
consolidating online LA resources into one site which would IMHO ultimately
make LA users' lives a lot easier as well as make the overall LA scene look
more professional to the outsiders/potential adopters. I see this kind of an
idea as a first step towards a much more demanding goal--integration of other
online resources, i.e. Dave's LA software page. I could see this integration
happening via a single Wiki page that would contain detailed
info/screenshots/documentation/mailing-list and other pertinent info for every
LA software available out there. Naturally, linking these lists is also a
possibility, yet the very thought of having one place with unified appearance
that would provide all the necessary info, including documentation,
application-specific mailing lists etc. seems IMHO truly inspiring.

Such a project obviously bears a huge overhead. I can also see devs objecting
to the redundancy of information that may be already available on their
software's dedicated website. The solution to both problems would be asking
devs and/or their project maintainers/helpers to assist with the generation of
their software's Wiki page which should adhere to certain predetermined
standards and then also providing a link to their original project's page.
Yes, there would be some redundancy, but a vast number of projects could
greatly benefit from such a consolidation, including one of the most
important, yet often neglected aspects--proper documentation.

For this reason, I would like to use this opportunity to possibly elicit a
discussion on this matter and hopefully get the ball rolling :-).

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