RE: [linux-audio-dev] More about consolidation of the Linux audio online resources (was: linuxdj...)

From: ico <ico@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Feb 23 2006 - 23:12:09 EET

>===== Original Message From Eric Dantan Rzewnicki <rzewnickie@email-addr-hidden> =====
>What type of hosting service does have now in terms of
>space, bandwidth, accesibility of physical site admins and access for
>remote site maintainers?

Currently, the server hosting has been arranged by Daniel
James, so my guess is that it is hosted somewhere in UK, other info is unknown
to me (ironically the site is currently inaccessible for whatever reason).

That being said, in my department (Virginia Tech) I've got an ok to offer
hosting for LA purposes which would mean direct physical access to the
mainframe, virtually unlimited data storage (I am not sure how much we have
right now but we should have probably close to 1TB and there is plenty of
empty slots left on the mainframe for more disks to be added), and most
importantly unlimited bandwidth (although the actual outgoing line is limited
to 100MBit from the node where the mainframe is, but the actual monthly
bandwidth is unlimited). Finally, all data is backed-up weekly with one backup
always being off-site in the case server melts down, dissapears, decides to
grow legs and walk away, or whatever.

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

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