[linux-audio-user] outdated apps

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Subject: [linux-audio-user] outdated apps
From: Juan Linietsky (coding_AT_reduz.com.ar)
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 11:55:34 EET

> Greetings:
> I was tempted to add "...a day late and a dorkbot short..."
> Anyway, it's on-line now. Lots of new stuff, etc. etc. etc.
> Check it out:
> http://www.linuxsound.at/ (Europe)
> http://linux-sound.org/ (USA)
> http://www.ymo.org/linuxsound/ (Japan; should update automatically this
> evening at midnight)
> Enjoy !

hey great job! thanks a lot for your effort!
I'll try to send docs as soon as i can.

As for, now, I think the following apps in the "MOD TRACKERS/PLAYERS" are discontinued, too oudated or too alpha to be useful, or just plain useless because of being so outdated or never really worked... so i'll try to help with cleanup, maybe you can move them to some "outdated/discontinued" section?

-ALMP: I could never get this to work. XMP supports this too

-CheeseTracker: Thats mine! and actively developed.

-FlareXM: works fine from what i can say

-FunkTrackerGOLD: This app never made it too far, it's ununsable, and discontinued since.. 4 years ago or so

-GModPlay: it's pretty useless, being so many new, more accurate, better module players, but i suppose it's nice for a coder to see how a mod works without all the extra mess.

-Industrial Tracker @ Linux: It's long dead, the guy first tried using mikmod, then realized that it wasnt useful for a tracker, then tried to start a project which ended up in nothing. (also the page is dead).

-JavaMOD: That's cool! more like an audio app, a rarity

KegTracker: Yet another long long dead audio project, which never was usable.

-MikiT: This was a binary port that the author attempted, worked crappily, and nowadays mikit is pretty outdated, and i dont know if it still runs.

-MikMod: Mikmod Is in active development! I talked to miodrag recently and even submited some patches without problem

-The MOD Archive is a site.. but cool, probably the biggest one left.. (after hornet and traxinspace died), together with scene.org.

-Mod4XWin: no clue

-Modplug Player: Modplug programs arent really for linux, but there is an XMMS plugin that uses modplug engine, which i think it would fit better for the link. On a side note, modplug TRACKER works fine in WINE, so it could go to emulated section.

-Rapid Audio Tracker: This program never really existed, as soon as the author released, i went to the page and the files couldnt be downloaded.
as for now, there isnt even page anymore.

-S3MOD: Outdated and inaccurate

-Sarah Tracker: This never worked, it's just an interface, it is some years old and never produced a single sound.

-ShakeTracker: Thats mine! Thought an ill born mixture of tracker/midi, so i guess it's hard to find a category for it ;)

-SoundTracker: The most mature tracker you'll find for linux, works kickass!

-UADE: This app rules

-United Trackers: Another site, probably the most active one

-Voodoo Tracker: This soundtracker fork is long dead. Works, but it's just like using a very old version of soundtracker, not worth using at all.

-Xgmod: works fine

-XmToMID: works fine

-Xsoundtrack: discontinued years ago.. and not very useful, very incomplete and i'd say unusable.

-insoTracker: I think it was discontinued, extremely incomplete.

-maube: wow, this is extremely old, never worked, and of course, discontinued.

mod2text text2mod: works fine.. (odd thing)

unumx: works fine

xmp: works great, the most compatible module player around

Well, I hope this helps to clean up the section a bit..


Juan Linietsky

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