Re: [linux-audio-user] outdated apps

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] outdated apps
From: Eric Dantan Rzewnicki (
Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 00:51:28 EET

Dave Phillips wrote:
> Juan Linietsky wrote:
> > It looks a lot better! thanks again
> You're quite welcome. Thank you for combing through the listings.
> > What could be done, which i'd like to help, is to find people that would be interested in, at least, once per month, check the
> > links of a section, and comment you on broken one, discontinued apps, etc. I can check help with the trackers page, and maybe
> > some other, which i have experience with.
> This work should be done in conjunction with Paul Winkler's project
> (though of course I will welcome it for my site too). Paul, do you still
> have it mind to revise/revamp the Linux soundapps site ? Would Juan's
> idea benefit or complement yours ?

Paul W previously put forward the idea of people taking on editor roles
for the new forthcoming database driven soundapps site. An editor could
commit to being responsible, as Juan suggests, for periodically checking
one category and keeping it up to date. I would be interested in taking
on such a category specific role. It might be easier to organize our
efforts that way than having any one person trying to maintain the whole
site. And of course, until Paul's site materializes, it will still help
to focus those same efforts on Dave's current listing.

> Again, thank you for helping out, I truly appreciate your assistance in
> clearing up the page. I'm sure the rest of the community appreciates it
> too.
> So: Who wants to do the same for the MIDI or the MP3 sections ?

I'm still hoping to spend some time on this this weekend. I'm sorry I
haven't, yet. I don't have anything like Juan's depth of experience
regarding trackers with any particular category so I won't be able to do
much more than check links. But, hopefully that will still be helpful.
I'm not sure which section is the highest priority. Are you suggesting
the MIDI stuff? I can take a swing at it. Though I was thinking of
taking something smaller first like the multitrack recorders/mixers

> Best regards,
> == Dave Phillips
> The Book Of Linux Music & Sound at
> The Linux Soundapps Site at

On another note, and perhaps this should be a separate thread, My next
step at home in converting my system to debian is getting alsa installed
and configured. I want to take notes and capture what I do so I can
contribute back the steps needed for my particular card. Do you know
where Patrick has the template for individual soundcard alsa HOWTOs?

Take care,
Eric Rz.

Hey, maybe we need to start the LADP (Linux Audio Documentation Project)
with it's own mailing list.</half-joking>

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