Re: [linux-audio-user] Laptops of choice?

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Laptops of choice?
From: Nick D (
Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 17:46:20 EET

On 09 Mar 2002 14:34:17 +0000
matt yee-king <> wrote:

> i've got linux on my powerbook. i'm so much happier with this than i was

one of the new powerbooks? i'm considering a titanium (mostly for the decent sized screen.. and trying to figure out where ill get the money!)
AFAIK the firewire on these wont work under linux.. is this the case?

> with macosx. i've been running a few audio apps on it, like spiralsynth
> modular, wavesurfer and snd. they all run fine. i tried to get alsa
> running but had a few problems e.g. the alsamixer didn't seem to affect
> the volumes. that was 0.9beta11 - haven't tried the beta 12 witht the
> new modules layout yet. the main problem is the lack of audio in - i
> have a digigram vxpocket sound card that i use in macos9 but digigram
> are likely to never release the specs so linux drivers are unlikely.
> maybe i'll get a hammerfall if my new album sells enough copies.
> apparently theres an alsa driver for that in the pipeline. (the card,
> not the album)

not tried MuSE yet then?
yeah, i mainly want to run sequencer, couple of copies of my soft-synth (still work in progress, i'll release it soon ;-) etc...

> as far as midi is concerned, i've got a usb midisport interface. there
> are kernel drivers for this available but i haven't had a chance to
> check them out yet. not sure how alsa/ linux is with usb midi interfaces
> - anyone else used linux and a usb midi interface?

Yeah, i was eyeing up the eMagic emi2|6 usb audio interface - ive just heard of linux drivers for them, but im not sure if they work on non-86 platforms.. but obviously a midi interface is crucial. is there no suitable interface for linux on a mac (laptop).

> for a system, i've got yellow dog and ximian gnome with a benh 2.4.18rc1
> kernel. this is my favourite linux setup so far - on my pc i've tried a
> few, e.g. suse, redhat and mandrake, but this is the don. (never tried
> debian...)

Cool. i'll probably try debian first - im running it on my PCs (urgh! ;-) at the moment, and its sweeeet. although it needs a decent net connection to make the most of it.. ill have to see.

> matthew


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