Re: [linux-audio-user] A good MIDI sequencer.

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] A good MIDI sequencer.
From: intent (
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 17:26:28 EEST

Le Samedi 4 Mai 2002 23:30, vous avez écrit :

> Currently I have been using PD in conjunction with Muse, but lately it
> seems I'm better off just doing the sequencing in PD until Muse gets more
> stable. This is especially true because an inquiry to the Muse list about
> possible future scripting langauges received only the response "C++ is
> Muse's scripting language"(!). And nobody else on the list piped in to
> second this request.
> Larry Troxler

Do you know that Jmax have two "notedit" objects ?
"Explode" is a clone of an object from Max, a pianoroll appears when you
click on it.
At each bang it sprouts the next note and the time before to play it.
Then they added "sequencer" another object that mimic more the "notedit"
window as found in all modern (and old) midi sequencers.
But i had not the chance to test it. The main difference is the volume
representation of the notes in a row along the pianoroll.
May be there are other differences too..

Me too i use MusE, well not theses days since i have to recompile it.
And as you, i tend to rely more and more on PD for my midi needs. Well i am
not against playing everything and if a note is wrong i redo all. ;))
But i think i will reinstall Jmax for its midi editor objects and send data
to PD. Anyway PD should have similar object soon, i hope so.

BTW, if GUI writters are listening to, may be it is possible to write a GUI
to do most of the things that people want for midi editing and why not wave
editing. Just do the GUI since PD can work without its native tcl/tk gui.
So you have already a DSP engine with ladspa and midi, should it be that hard
to write a GUI and some specialised "externals" (pd libs) to have a nice
midi-editor and why not a multitrack recording suite as well ?

Well it is just an idea.



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