Re: [linux-audio-user] Minidisk question

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Minidisk question
From: Frank Barknecht (
Date: Sat May 18 2002 - 21:05:59 EEST

Lloyd R. Prentice hat gesagt: // Lloyd R. Prentice wrote:

> I bought a Sony minidisk recorder and quality condenser mike and am
> truly impressed with the minute size of the whole package and the
> sound quality that I hear through the headphones.
> Now... Sony seems to have crippled this product as a general-purpose
> recording device. It looks to me like the only way I can get sound
> image off the MD into a computer for editing, transcription, or
> other purposes is through the headphone jack. The recorder does have
> a USB port.
> Questions:
> 1) Does anyone know of Linux software that will let me transfer the
> image from the MD recorder into the computer through the USB port?
> 2) Or is analog transfer through the headphone jack my only option?

I found this at
  13) Enough about recording to MD... can I record from MD unit to my
  computer (or another audio device)?
  With the proper cables, yes.
  If you're looking to transfer audio from MD to your computer
  digitally, you need an MD unit that is capable of digital output
  (all current portable MD recorders lack this feature, but most home
  MD decks have it)

Also interesting is this FAQ:

  6) Since Minidisc is a digital format, isn't there a Minidisc drive
  that can be connected to a computer for direct transfers of audio
  between PC and MD?
  Such a capability would be great! Unfortunately Minidisc was
  designed with a so-called "audio/data firewall" that prevents the
  ATRAC audio data on MDs from being accessed directly by computer.
  This was done to comply with Recording Industry concerns over music
  piracy. (The fact that Sony now sells the Digital Relay CRX10U-A2 [a
  portable MP3/audio CD player that is fully USB connectable for
  seamless audio/data transport to/from PC] is an irony due to the
  CD's grandfathered status as a computer peripheral that appeared
  before the Home Recording Rights Act [a law that impedes consumer
  bit for bit copying of audio content, see SCMS]).
  One year after Minidisc appeared, Sony announced MD Data -- it
  consisted of a slightly modified Minidisc blank and the MDH-10, an
  MD data drive with SCSI interface. This permitted users to use MDs
  as a computer data storage format. Unfortunately, due to the
  requirement for a firewall, MD Data drives cannot read or write
  ATRAC data on Audio MDs.
  Despite the built-in firewall, one company does sell a system for
  direct computer access to ATRAC audio data.
  The system is intended for audio professionals (radio stations,
  etc), and carries a price tag (~US$5000) to match.

As I'm considering a minidisc myself, this is bad news, but a device
with SPDIF would fill my needs and my Audiophile soundcard can ignore
the copy protection bit, AFAIK.


 Frank Barknecht                               _ ______footils.org__

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