Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: snd,DPhillips .scms on yellowdog 2.2

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: snd,DPhillips .scms on yellowdog 2.2
From: kcross (
Date: Sun May 26 2002 - 08:51:44 EEST

Hi Matthew,

When I try to install openmotif -2.1.30-12 kpackage says:

'Found 0 source and 1 binary packages
installing binary packages
file /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/Mwm from install of
openmotif-2.1.30-12(.rpm) conflicts with file from package lesstif-0.92.32-6'

Should I either uninstall lesstif (how about dependencies?)
or find another version of openmotif or just --nodeps? Which openmotif rpm
did you install?
Do I have to uninstall lesstif and gtk+?
I'm a bit confused about this... Any help would be much appreciated.

I think I'm going to re-install all my ladspa files again.
I think the first ladspa.sdk install found an error.

What is the difference between cvs downloads and normal downloads? Which alsa
driver did you 'make install' sucessfully?

Sorry,lots of questions...

Personally using Linux on a Mac is very useful to me. Non Mac users often
can't see why we do this :-)

Best Wishes to you,

On Saturday 25 May 2002 08:37, matt yee-king wrote:
> Hi Keith
> I'm running YDL 2.1 on a pbook g4 ...
> > Yes,I compiled 'snd' myself --with-ladspa config flag _after_ I'd
> > installed/compiled ladspa.sdk,cmt and swh-plugins. This seemed to
> > work,although when I tried it with xmms_ladspa it doesn't!! So maybe I
> > will compile everything again... Oh yeah,LadspaToy freezes my computer
> > everytime I try it. So,still no ladspa processed sound yet.
> ladspa works fine on mine, for what its worth.
> > This is my _main_ question,then. YDL uses gtk+ and lesstif.
> > I want to install openmotif but the dependency problems are too
> > great(for me). Is there a way I can install openmotif for 'snd' _only_?
> > 'snd' will ./configure with openmotif? --with-openmotif or just
> > --with-motif ???. If anyone has successfully installed 'snd' with motif
> > or openmotif on a Mac G3/G4 running YDL(I know,why would you do this? -I
> > can also run my Mac IRCAM software) I'd really like to hear from you :-)
> why would you run linux on a powerbook you mean? i can think of lots of
> reasons!
> as for openmotif, i installed it pretty easily from rpms as i remember -
> whats the problem you are having?
> > Trying to install alsa-driver-0.9.0rc1 is a problem. Keep getting a
> > 'clock skew detected.Your build may be incomplete' message during make.
> > Never had that before,honest. hmmm...I've heard that alsa-driver-0.5.12a
> > may be more forgiving,although of course not supported.
> > So,anyway,still no 'midi' sound at present.
> after much pain trying to get alsa 0.9x working, i ended using alsa from
> cvs. theres instructions how to get it here:
> - matthew

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